3 great recipes that use tortillas

3 great recipes that use tortillas


Even though many people have the tendency to believe that tortillas aren’t the most versatile dish out there, I’ve noticed that you can do a lot with just a couple of them. Traditionally, they’re filled with all sorts of ingredients, ranging from meat to vegetables, and sauces. Burritos can even be healthy provided that you use the right foods. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, tortillas are a nice way to spice up your daily regimen given the immense number of fillings one can use to avoid eating dull dishes. I’ve decided to share three amazing recipes that use tortillas that I’ve cooked time and time again for my friends and family, and the feedback that I got was more than favorable.


justice1I’m always looking for ways to diversify my kids’ snacks, which is why I tried turning tortillas into a sweet or savory meal. If I have several tortillas leftover from last night’s dinner, I usually prepare some breakfast roll-ups. For these, you can use any fruit you like. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that bananas are the greatest ingredient, in this case, as they can be placed efficiently right on the edge of the tortilla so that I can wrap it around the fruit. Obviously, these won’t come out looking perfectly considering that bananas aren’t tubular in a typical sense. Cut slices and place them artistically on the plate. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top or drizzle with some maple syrup and you have yourself a breakfast or snack your children will come to love.


justice2Another recipe that I like to try out once in awhile is tortilla cups, also known as huevos rancheros. If you have four to six ramekins, this is the perfect dish for you. All you have to do is place the tortillas as best as you can in the ramekins, and then add every ingredient you might feel comfortable with. I especially enjoy adding some black beans, pinto beans, cilantro, shredded cheese, as well as the mandatory egg. Baking these beauties takes about twenty to thirty minutes depending on whether or not you’ve preheated the oven. I usually use around 350 degrees, so everything turns out nice and crispy. There’s no risk of getting food poisoning from the eggs because they spend more than enough time in high heat inside the oven. If you check on these, and they tend to have slightly brown edges at some point, but you’re unsure about how much the other ingredients have cooked, I recommend using tin foil to cover them for several more minutes.


As I approach the age of forty, I’m slowly but gradually becoming more and more interested in losing weight. That’s why I’ve recently developed a love for salads, but these can be boring if they don’t have anything crispy in them. Because I try to eat as little bread as possible, I generally use several tortillas cut into ½-inch strips which I bake using the tortilla maker for around ten to fifteen minutes. I make sure to sprinkle them with seasonings such as paprika, sea salt, or spice blendings. This way, I have the feeling that I’m eating grilled salad instead of the regular boring one.

I hope these tips are useful for whenever you seem to have too many tortillas around.

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