I’m volunteering!

I’m volunteering!

I am more decided than ever to pursue my goal to eradicate injustice. Well, maybe eradicate is a big word, but to do my best to help those who have been suffered from unjust treatment and life conditions. The past days, I’ve stumbled upon an opportunity to volunteer and I took it, as it is a great chance to help those less fortunate than me. It’s not the opportunity of a lifetime, it is a local project, but it doesn’t matter where you are, there are always cases of injustice and mischance that can be, if not fixed, at least improved a little.


Anyway, my volunteering task is simple: I need to feed meals to those who can’t afford to buy food on their own, at a charity center. It is not much, I work every two weeks for a couple of hours, but as I believe that every little gesture can make a difference, I am glad to have been given the chance to bring a bit of joy into the world. I’ve participated in many similar projects, but the difference hers is that this one will last longer than the previous projects and I hope that in time I will be able to get involved even more.

I appreciate this kind of initiatives from any group of people, but, sometimes even the most admirable of initiatives can have flaws. If you ever get involved in a charitable project, especially one that aims at providing basic necessities such as food, clothing and hygiene products, you must pay attention to details. I’m saying this because a great number of these centers are receiving packages from people or supermarkets and restaurants. These ingredients may be sometimes of low-quality or, in very rare occasions, even expired. As such, your job is not only to cook a good meal, but also to cook a healthy one.


For this reason I am currently working on a meal plan for the next months. I am trying through this schedule to meals rich in nutrients that will make sure the people coming there will benefit from a minimum of vitamins, minerals and others for that day.

Another aspect on which I’m working is convincing the charity center to use quality plates, cutlery and glasses and have at least one meal in which they introduce a delicacy or food that these people may not have had the opportunity to taste in years. I think it is important for them to feel that they are being treated with respect and as equals. In addition, I was shocked to see that not only homeless people come to the center, but also some that aren’t able to provide for their families (though they seemed, judging by their aspect to leave in a house, not on the street). Anyway, that’s not for me to judge, but I saw families with children coming there and maybe we could do more for them than providing them with food. We could also make them feel comfortable, by using only quality food ingredients that will make their food taste good. As I’m a chef and I quite skilled one, I’ll make sure they have the best experience at the center.



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