Refreshing summer desserts

Refreshing summer desserts

You could say summer has an amazing culinary potential. It really turns you into a more inventive and active person when it comes to cooking because you want to prepare dishes that will refresh you and the ones around you. When it comes to summer desserts, the part you want to skip when cooking them is the baking process. That is why I propose a couple of easy to make, no-baking needed sweets for hot days.

Berry shortcakes

justice 3Let’s start with one of the easiest recipes I know and that I always make when I’m in a hurry: berry shortcakes. You can find this recipe on the internet in many forms, but this is the one I love most. It is simple and, as the name indicates, short. Make sure you keep around the house butter biscuits, whipped cream and fresh berries, or other fruits that you believe could work with the two ingredients mentioned above. You decide the order in which you add the ingredients. I prefer placing the fruit at the base on a small coffee plate, adding a layer of whipped cream and stick the biscuit on top. You can put them in a fridge before serving so that they are cold and fresh.

Mint chip ice cream pie

justice 4A second summer dessert that I love offering my guests is the mint chip ice cream pie. Though not as simple as the first one, this is still an accessible recipe for anybody and at any time of day. You just need to have some chocolate around the house. You melt it and then mix it with crisped rice cereal and place this composition in a spring-form pan and let it freeze for 5 to 10 minutes. The last ingredient is mint ice cream. This has to be a bit softened, so if you kept in the freezer, take it out a couple of minutes before coating the chocolate and cereal cake. You spread the ice cream evenly on the surface of the previously made composition and let it freeze for at least 2 hours. It will not only taste wonderful, but it will also refresh you on a hot summer’s day. If you have another ice cream flavor that you love and find refreshing, you can use that as well, only respect the making process of the pie.

Vanilla ice cream with fruit

justice 5And, since we’re talking about ice cream, which is one of the most refreshing desserts, why not try mixing vanilla ice cream with fruit (I use peach and raspberries, but you can experience with other mixes as well), lemon juice and sugar. The cooking method is simple: you put the peaches (cut in small pieces), the raspberries whole, the lemon juice and the sugar in a bowl and you mix them well, then you put them in the fridge for 20 minutes. You then divide the vanilla ice cream in separate bowls or cups and you add the fruit mixture on top of each one of them. You serve immediately so that the dessert doesn’t melt.

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