The sandwich maker: one of the greatest inventions of our times

The sandwich maker: one of the greatest inventions of our times

Sandwich makers are one of the greatest inventions of our times. This is a subjective, yet extremely pertinent opinion. If you hate cooking complicated foods, you can basically survive eating sandwiches for years or that is what I did during my college years. I’ve probably beaten the world’s record at eating grilled cheese sandwiches.  Not that I didn’t prefer other types of sandwiches as well, but these were the easiest to make. To prepare these, you need butter, American cheese and sliced bread. You put the butter and cheese between two slices of bread, then you put the sandwich in the sandwich maker and you wait for 3 or 4 minutes (standard time that a sandwich maker takes to cook a proper sandwich). I didn’t even have to stay next to it. I’d just make sure I saw when the red light was on, opened the lid and enjoyed my sandwich.

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That was the morning routine, in the afternoon, if I had time I would try more complicated recipes, such as pepperoni pizza sandwiches, for which you need butter, garlic powder, pizza sauce, mozzarella and sliced pepperoni. The cooking method is more or less the same: you add all the ingredients between two slices of bread of your own choosing, throw it in the sandwich maker and you wait long 3-4 minutes when you’re back from classes and feeling really hungry. The weekends were all the more creative, as I would browse through different recipes, procure myself the needed ingredients and cook the most fantastic sandwiches.

However, since people have realized how much of an awesome device a sandwich maker is, they’ve decided to make them more and more useful and larger. Older, simple models did not always fit the wanted sandwich in them, as they could get too big but, really, nowadays you can cook an entire, complete breakfast in one small sandwich maker.

sandwich maker2Modern tools can prepare burgers, sandwiches, grill meat, cook eggs and even make pancakes. I don’t think I’ll ever have the patience to cook anything else but a sandwich on a sandwich maker, but still, I’m impressed to see how many features such a small machine can include. However, I still prefer the classic sandwich maker, on which you can prepare only sandwiches. I like them so much, I would go in stores and just look at them. In fact, I’ll probably design one myself one day, if I manage to get rid of my natural born laziness.

The latest model that I’ve bought and made extraordinarily tasty sandwiches with, is one that is big enough to fit inside two big sandwiches and that is spacious enough to prepare the thickest of sandwiches, so you can put inside them any ingredients you want. If you decide to make your sandwiches smaller, you can even fit three in there, which is a blessing if you share an apartment with 2 other people. Just a piece of advice, if you do buy one, make sure you buy a quality material machine that won’t allow some ingredients, such as melted cheese, stick on its surface and will be easy to clean in case you do spill sauce or other sticky substances on it. If they stay on its surface and you don’t clean it right away or not well enough, your sandwich maker won’t be as efficient next time you use it.

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