Why You Should Help People Who Are Less Fortunate

Why You Should Help People Who Are Less Fortunate

I am making a guiding beacon of my life to help others who are less fortunate than me. I truly believe that everyone should do the same, although I know the motivation may differ from one person to another. Here are some strong reasons in favor of helping people who are in need that may find an echo in your own set of beliefs.


By helping others, you set a positive example

Even without you even knowing it, there are others who look up to you, whether they are family, friends, simple acquaintances, colleagues at work or your kids. This is not something someone chooses. Whether we like it or not, we are an example for the others around us. If you want to set a positive example, the simplest way to achieve this would be to help those who are less fortunate.


You will feel happier and more fulfilled

justice10So many people nowadays, people with wonderful careers, beautiful families, and plenty of money to satisfy their wildest dreams, end up on the shrink’s couch complaining that they feel unhappy and unfulfilled. What is the root of their unhappiness? I am no shrink, but I can tell you this: when you give someone anything they need, whether it is a blanket, or a hot meal, something will happen inside you. You will be overcome with a feeling of intense happiness and fulfillment that all the money in the world cannot give you. So, I am not telling you to become a giving person because it is the Christian thing to do, but because it will make you feel complete.


You will motivate others to give, too

One thing I often heard from people who never donate to charity is that, even if they give a little, that cannot solve an important problem, because others will not give, as well. I beg to differ. When you give something, as little and unimportant as it may seem, others will see your gesture and they will consider starting to give as well. So, you can think of a personal act of giving as having a rippling effect that will soon transform into a tsunami of kindness that can truly change the shape of the world we live in today.


You are making a difference

Too many people today suffer from boredom and frustration and they think the world will never change. But it is in your power to do something! This is what I always tell people I happen to engage in conversation over this subject. Giving something to a less fortunate person helps you make a difference, an important one, in the world you think impossible to change. Giving to charity, helping people find their way in life, or simply offering a piece of bread, are all important acts that create a new world for everyone living in it.

And don’t forget that giving away will remind you of how fortunate you are for having shelter, food and your family’s love!


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